Infrared Heating Review & Comparison 2019

The best Infrared Heating in Review

The best Infrared Heating

Here you see the comparison winners, best lists and novelties at a glance. Valuable tips on Infrared Heating, as well as Infrared Heating videos, advice, a Infrared Heating checklist and what to look out for when buying Infrared Heating. With our list of the best Infrared Heating you are always on the right page. In our Infrared Heating comparison, we have included different ratings and comparisons in the selection. At the same time, this also results in lists of the best, with which all customer wishes can be fulfilled. The following lists are divided into comparisons, offers to save money and new publications.

The TOP 20 Infrared Heating at a glance

2pcs Electric infrared heater 600W Superslim (1cm) Far Infrared Heating Panel
  • superslim infrared heater, Comfort heating
  • Unlike convection heaters which heat the air, our infrared panels heat the fabric of the room and objects in it, storing the heat which is then released slowly back into the room over time keeping the temperature even.
Blumfeldt Heat Guru 360 • Infrared Heater • Radiant Heater • Efficient Heater • 600 W or 1200 W Power • 360 ° or 120 ° Oscillation • IPX4 • for Indoors and Outdoors • Approx. 2.9 kg • Black
  • AT ANY TIME OF THE YEAR: The Blumfeldt Heat Guru 360 infrared heater ensures pleasant warmth indoors and outdoors in every season! Its compact dimensions and low weight mean that it is extremely mobile and can be used wherever it is needed.
  • PERFECT HEAT DISTRIBUTION: The infrared heater does not just heat the ambient air, but transfers the heat directly to the illuminated people and objects.
  • POWERFUL: For high heating power and effective radiation, the heating element of the Heat Guru 360 heater from Blumfeldt with either 1200 or 600 watts - depending on your needs and the weather conditions.
  • OSCILLATION FUNCTION: It distributes the warm air at an angle of 360 ° or 120 °. Depending on the selected angle, the column slowly rotates in the corresponding area and supplies the area to be heated optimally and evenly with heat.
  • WEATHERPROOF: Thanks to IPX4, the spotlight is protected against splash water and also ideal for outdoor use. Due to the coated Cool-Touch grille, the device always remains easy to handle from the outside.
Klarstein Captain Cook² • Double Cooking Hob • 2 Ceramic Cooking Fields • Double Hot Plate • Scratch-resistant Crystal Glass • 2 x 1200W • Variable Temperature • Infrared Heating Element • Black
  • VERSATILE USE: The Captain Cook² double cooker plate from Klarstein features two 18 cm ceramic cooking fields and is well suited for modern campers, independent singles, ambitious allotment gardeners and those who work in the catering industry.
  • PERFORMANCE: 2400 watts of power - 1200 watts per cooking zone - guarantee fast heating of your pots and pans, reaching a temperature of 300 ° C within 30 seconds. The temperature can be set continuously using the rotary control as required.
  • ENERGY-SAVING COOKING: The halogen lamp below the scratch-resistant crystallite glass plate enables quick and even heating of different cooking pots. This direct heat transfer allows you to cook quickly, which results in energy-saving operation.
  • SUFFICIENTLY LARGE: Designed for cookware between 18 and 20 cm, the cooking plate is large enough to heat the most common pot and pan sizes. Various materials are suitable for the hob, whether you are cooking with metal, glass or ceramic pots.
  • VISUALLY APPEALING: Whether as a companion for barbecuing or as an elegant first cooking device for student or single households, the double cooker hob always makes for a visual highlight. The stainless steel housing is also very easy to clean.
Könighaus 300W Superslim Far Infrared Heating Panel
  • Complies with all European safety standards (ROHS + CE)
  • Safe heating and a long service life (50 years or 100,000 hours)
  • Including UK plug
  • Fast and comfortable heating with the latest infrared technology = Far Infrared
  • Most environmentally friendly method to keep your home warm
UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad - Natural Jade Heating Pad for Chronic Back Pain Relief - Small (19" X 15"), Smart Controller, Adjustable Temp and Travel Bag Included
  • 【FAR INFRARED THERAPY FOR PAIN RELIEF】 Far infrared is able to reach the inner-most regions of tissues and muscles of human body, healing sore muscles and joints by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.
  • 【DRUG FREE AND 100% NATURAL JADE STONE HEATING PAD】 Natural Jade Stone Mats generate Negative Ions better than "regular" heating pads, as the ions reduce viruses, bacteria and more in the air we breathe.
  • 【6 LEVELS TEMPERATURE SETTINGS AND 4-HOUR AUTO SHUT-OFF】 Smart digital controller adjusts heat (39°C-70°C ) to your comfort level.Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating
  • 【SMART CONTROLLER】UTK Heating Pad has one smart controller which features Timer and Temperature settings, Auto shut-off, Memory Function.
  • 【1 YEAR WARRANTY】 UTK are always providing the best service. Any performance failure occurs within one year caused by non-human damage, you can get our after-service for free.
Könighaus 450W Superslim Far Infrared Heating Panel
  • Complies with all European safety standards (ROHS + CE)
  • Safe heating and a long service life (50 years or 100,000 hours)
  • Including UK plug
  • Fast and comfortable heating with the latest infrared technology = Far Infrared
  • Most environmentally friendly method to keep your home warm
CG Home Far Infrared Carbon Wall Hung Heating Panel Fireplace Picture - Thin and Light Electric Film Heater 230V 430W. Energy Efficient - Fast Heating Flexible - Safe. Foldable and Portable (UK Plug).
  • STAY WARM AND HEALTHY: This attractive wall mounted panel will heat your room without using fans and does not dry the air at all. This is a healthy choice for babies, children & adults, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers! Our heater wall panel is intended for use in small rooms (100-130ft) or as a supplementary heater for larger rooms
  • KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE: This electric wall heater operates at a safe, consistent temperature and has a safety protection class of II. The panel is warm to the touch but doesn't get super-hot. To prevent excessive heating of walls, it's recommended that you maintain a gap of 2 cm (1 inch) between the heating panel and the wall
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Simply roll it up and take it with you from room to room and enjoy its power. It is completely quiet so is especially great for bedrooms or offices. This heater comes in a variety of images for you to choose from and adds a decorative element to any room to keep walls warm even after you've turned it off
  • SAVE YOUR ENERGY BILL: Our panels are energy saving and eco-friendly. They will heat quickly using a unique patented far-infrared heating method to warm your room without warming you entire home. It lowers up to 50% of your energy bill & utilizes 1/3 of the energy compared to other conventional space heaters
  • REQUIRES NO PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION: This standalone heater makes the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. In the event that you are not 100% satisfied simply return within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. NOTE: To be extra careful don't leave it running when you leave home.
OrianaK - 180W - Far Infrared Panel Heater - Suspended ceiling or wall mount heater - 5 Year Warranty - Energy Efficient - electric low energy heater - Slim panel heater only 22 mm thick
  • Our Infrared heater is 100% natural, safe, highly efficient and CO2 free
  • No extra maintenance costs (up to 70% more cost effective than conventional heating, e.g central heating)
  • Eco-friendly and Healthy Heating by helping to prevent dampness and mold. Increases blood circulation and elasticity of the skin and helps strengthen your internal immune system
  • Beneficial in many types of health treatments. It avoids dehydration in air hence no dust or bacteria swirling in room which helps increase in the blood circulation. Great for allergy suffers as its Natural & Efficient
  • 5 Years warranty and huge shelf life of upto 20-25 years (upto 80,000 operating hours)
Foldable Far Infrared Heating Panel with Blanket Foot Warmer,Klearlook Panel Heater Electric Heating 51x40x30cm 3-Temp Control 3 Hrs Automatic Power Off Tip-over Protection Energy-Efficient 165W Navy
  • 【Keeping Warm & Saving Energy】:Based on carbon crystal heating films, heating panel warms up fast and evenly. The heat transfers in three dimensions to keep your feet warm but head cool. Low power consumption and energy saving, the cost of electricity becomes cheaper.
  • 【Far-Infrared Heating】:Using far infrared heating panel to keep warm. No mechanical heating, no noise, heat radiation type, no dry burning, no oxygen consumption, comfortable feeling.
  • 【Foldable & Portable】:Lightweight, compact, portable unit makes it easy to heat any room in your house, easily moves from room to room.
  • 【Low Watt Efficiency】: Using only 165 watts of energy, this cost saving feature allows you to enjoy a warmer environment in an inexpensive way.
  • 【Electrical Safety】: The heating panel is equipped with over temp. & tip-over protection. It will automatically shut down if it continues working for 3 hours or tipped over.

There are countless Infrared Heating products. With our comparisons you are on the right side.

Current Infrared Heating Offers

In the following Infrared Heating comparison table you can see products with current offers or savings compared to the normal price. Often it is not helpful to compare only the test winners, since these cost possibly also more and have a higher purchase price. Not with everyone the purse sits loosely.

In addition to the Infrared Heating product image, they see the most important features, ratings and price. However, the table with the current best Infrared Heating offers can often be identical with the bestseller list.

Klarstein HeatPal Marble Infrared Heater • 1300W • Heat Storing • Quiet Operation • Elegant Look • Brushed Aluminium Elements • Freestanding Device • Temperature Regulator • Silver
  • ECONOMICAL HEAT STORAGE: built-in marble panel for continuous heat dissipation even without power supply | Efficient infrared heat wave technology: room heating with 1300 W in quiet operation | Natural stone: genuine marble from Mongolia
  • MODERN DESIGN: elegant look with brushed aluminium elements | Safe and mobile: carrying handle and moderate weight, wide base for secure stance
  • EFFICIENT: On / off switch on the back of the unit | Low noise heating power via infrared technology with 1300 watts | Solid stance thanks to wide base
  • THE MOBILE HEAT STORAGE UNIT FOR COOL DAYS!: The Klarstein HeatPal Marble is a compact, easy-to-operate electric heating system that heats up even when it has been switched off thanks to a highly efficient heat accumulator.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Cuddly warmth is supplied by the Klarstein HeatPal Marble infrared heater. The powerful 1300 watt infrared heating element can be continuously adjusted in its temperature performance, and can thus be optimally adapted to individual heat requirements. The use of infrared technology ensures that the heater operates particularly quietly without any unnecessary fan noise, and therefore does not interfere with concentration or sleep.
450W Infrared Heating Panel Energy Saving Wall Mounted Electric Radiant Heater
  • Over heat protection, limiting the surface temperature from 85°C to 95°C.
  • Up to 70% less cost than central heating.
  • Aesthetically pleasing ultra-thin panel design. High quality and efficiency. Safe, clean and quite.
  • No noise or smell. No dust, no allergy or condensation. No moving parts equals or maintenance.
  • Installation: Wall mounted or Ceiling Mounted

Infrared Heating New Releases

When buying products, it is not always the case that you really want them. Often Infrared Heating is also bragged about before others – after all, you have purchased the most modern and newest product!

The following list is the ideal solution for all those who want to attract attention and always have the latest and completely new Infrared Heatings at a glance!

Checklist for the purchase of Infrared Heating

  1. Which size is the best at Infrared Heating?
  2. Are there any manufacturers or brands that are particularly recommended for Infrared Heating?
  3. What does Infrared Heating cost?
  4. Costs for possible care and cleaning – Do you need extras that you might want to order at the same time?
  5. Material: high-quality workmanship is reflected in the price, but usually lasts longer.
  6. Depending on the Infrared Heating material, the weight can also be affected.

Infrared Heating Videos


There are clearly a few points to consider, especially with Infrared Heating. Be it the material or the size or the possible maintenance effort. Nevertheless, the aspects listed above should not be disregarded. Infrared Heating offers, best lists but also new publications can always be found on our website.

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